Bay Area Sailing Association

Our Sailing Club

Join Bay Area Sailing Association for lower rental rates and longer hours.

Save as much as $150 on a full day charter.  Enjoy longer hours with membership.
  •  Rentals without a membership have to be at the dock by five pm weekdays and 6 pm weekends.
  •  Members rentals for a full day are 24 hours (9 am - 9 am). Please note boats are to be back at dock 30 minutes before sunset. Members have until 8 pm during the summer before having to be back at the dock.
  •  Members rentals for an afternoon on a weekend are from 2-Midnight.
  •  Members weekday half days are from 9 am - Midnight.

Join by paying initial fee of $75 and then twelve auto charge monthly fees of $25

Do call us at 281.334.4179 or email us at for more information or to join.